Your Dad’s Vision is Changing; What Could It Mean?

Vision changes as you age. Hit your 40s, and it often becomes much more challenging to read the fine print on labels. It’s called presbyopia and affects most adults.

What if it could be more? You’ve been worried about your dad’s vision. He has a harder time with aspects of his vision. Could he be losing his eyesight?

Common Eye Diseases and Conditions in Older Adults

Senior Care Orlando, FL: Seniors Vision Changes

So what are some of the issues your dad is facing, and what are the symptoms? Here are some of the problems his aging eyes may have.

Age-related macular degeneration occurs when the macula becomes impacted, leading to distortion and blurriness in the central vision. It doesn’t lead to complete blindness, but it can cause some level of vision loss that makes it hard to drive safely.

Cataracts occur when a cloudy film forms on the front of the eye lens. As it progresses, the vision is blurred. It happens slowly and is usually caught during a routine eye exam. Surgery can restore sight.

People with diabetes are at risk for diabetic retinopathy. It occurs when blood vessels to the retina start to leak, which causes blurred vision and can lead to blindness. If your dad has diabetes, he needs to manage his sugar levels and see his eye doctor often for exams.

Floaters are common and usually seen when you’re outside in the sun. They’re typically normal, but your dad needs to pay attention to how often he sees them. If they’re increasing in quantity, it’s worth talking to his doctor. If bright flashes accompany them, he needs to call immediately as that’s a sign that of retinal detachment.

When pressure builds within the eye, glaucoma may be diagnosed. Eye doctors must treat it, or it can cause blindness. Your dad has a higher risk of glaucoma if he has diabetes or a family history. Early diagnosis is needed so that medications that help prevent blindness are prescribed.

What Do You Do to Help Him?

If your dad does have issues with vision, what do you do? First, make sure he sees his doctor for an eye exam. Second, discuss the next steps he needs to take.
Your dad may need to stop driving at certain hours or completely. Ensure your dad has someone available throughout the week to drive him to appointments, stores, and other area businesses.

With senior care services, your dad has the help he needs. He has a caregiver to escort him to appointments. He has caregivers to take him shopping, bring him to area attractions, and take him on scenic drives. Call a senior care agency to make arrangements.

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