As your senior ages, her brain health is likely to feel like a more important concern for her. It might be easier for her to keep her brain healthy and happy than she thinks it will be.

Your Senior’s Diet Has a Huge Impact on Brain Health

Home Care in Oakland, FL: Maintaining Brian Health

The nutrients your senior takes in are used by her entire body, including her brain, to keep all of the systems in her body working the way they should be. The brain itself thrives on healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids, but there are other foods that might be good for your senior in particular. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about what changes might be good for her nutritionally.

Working out Gets Your Senior’s Blood Moving

Exercise, if your elderly family member is cleared for it by her doctor, is excellent for her overall health but it can also be powerful for her brain. The reason for this is that exercising gets your senior’s blood moving throughout her body, including into her brain. This brings oxygen and other nutrients while also flushing waste products out of her brain. This is all good.

Variety Keeps Her Brain on its Toes

Your elderly family member might already do things that she loves and that keep her brain engaged and happy, but does she ever change those activities up? Doing the exact same thing all the time can get boring if she’s not careful and that can keep her brain passive. Trying favorite activities in a slightly new way can help with that.

Learning New Things Keeps the Brain Going

If your elderly family member really wants to keep her brain on its toes, it might be a good idea to try lots of new and different activities. She might enjoy learning a new skill through the local community college or trying a completely new idea for fun. Picking up a new craft or learning how to garden might be some of the activities she decides to try out.

One thing that might also help is to bring in home care providers. If your elderly family member feels too bogged down in the details of daily life, focusing on making changes for a healthy brain might feel like too much. Home care providers can take over some of those other tasks so that she can focus on whatever helps her brain to feel happier.


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