Top Things for Family Caregivers to Know About Senior Citizen Falls

Unfortunately, there is usually a high risk for senior citizens to have a fall in their home and even when they are out in public. As a family caregiver, there are some things that you may need to know about senior citizen falls. The more you can learn about what causes falls in the elderly and how to help your elderly loved one prevent them, the safer your elderly loved one can be.

Avoiding Certain Activities

There are many activities that commonly cause elderly people to fall. By learning more about these activities, you can have a better chance of helping your elderly loved one to prevent a fall during them. Some of the common activities in which senior citizens often fall include:

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  • Walking outdoors
  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Vacuuming
  • Going up and down the porch
  • Jogging
  • Certain exercises

If you believe that your elderly loved one will fall when doing any type of activity, it may be best to have yourself or a home care assistance provider with them while they participate in those activities. This can reduce their risk of falling because someone will be there to help keep them safe.

Having a Fear of Falling

Did you know there are many senior citizens that have a fear of falling? Unfortunately, the more scared your elderly loved one is of falling, the more likely they will be to fall. The main reason for this is that fear can cause them to be anxious when they are walking. The anxiety can cause them to be unsteady when walking and that can lead to a fall. If your elderly loved one is fearful of falling, talk to them about it. Find solutions that can ease their fears such as having home care providers with them most of the time to protect them from falls or to help if they do fall.

Continuing to Fall

Did your elderly loved one already have a fall? Studies show that elderly people who have one fall are more likely to have another fall. If your elderly loved one had even just one fall already, it would be a good idea to hire home care assistance providers to help them throughout the day. Even if you only hire these providers for a while, it can help to ensure your elderly loved one gets the help they need while they build up strength to reduce their risk of falling.


These are some of the things that family caregivers need to know about senior citizen falls. Now that you have this information you can find solutions to helping to prevent falls for your elderly loved one.

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