The Best Safety Tips For Seniors Living At Home

Safety is a concern for everyone, but for seniors that living at home taking steps to be safe at home is important. Sometimes seniors are targeted by criminals who think that seniors are going to be easy targets. But there are things that seniors can do to make their homes less attractive to criminals and to boost their home security so that they can be safe at home. Some of the best safety upgrades for seniors are:

24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care Winter Garden, FL: Senior Safety

24-Hour Home Care Winter Garden, FL: Senior Safety

Typically most crime occurs at night or very early in the morning when criminals assume that people are sleeping. Seniors who live alone may be at risk of being victims of crime if criminals know that they live alone. But seniors who have 24-hour home care aren’t ever alone. With 24-hour home care seniors will always have someone with them that is awake and alert. That can be a huge deterrent to criminals. It also protects your senior parent because if they have a medical emergency, a fire, or some other type of emergency there will be someone there to summon help for them or get them to safety. 

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems make it easy for you to keep an eye on your senior loved one. They also make it easier for your senior loved one to stay safe. Typically a smart security system will have a few indoor smart cameras, a smart doorbell with a camera, and alarm system. You and your senior loved one can control the system through an app on a smartphone or tablet or on a keypad in the house. You will be able to view the cameras through the app anytime you want so you can check to make sure that your senior loved one is ok. And your senior loved one can answer the door through the app and talk to anyone outside without opening the door. 

Reinforced Doors

All of the exterior doors in the home should be reinforced solid core doors. By adding just a small piece of wood as a reinforcement in the center front of an existing exterior door you can make it practically impossible for someone to kick the door in. it takes just a few minutes but it adds a lot of extra security to the home. You can also replace the existing doors with heavy doors or add security gates. 

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are great for outdoor security and to deter people from coming close to your senior parent’s house. But they can also be very useful for 24-hour home care providers because they will allow anyone arriving at the house to have a lighted path to the house. And if your senior loved one is coming home after dark the motion lights will go on automatically and light their way. That way your senior loved one doesn’t have to worry about walking in the dark and potentially tripping on the driveway or walkway as they are walking up to the door.

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