Start the New Year Seeing If Your Dad is Due Any Vaccinations

Each year, your dad should be seeing his doctor for an annual check-up. During that check-up, he should have his vaccination records checked to make sure that he’s not missing any vaccinations. Not every older adult goes to the doctor as often as they should. 
What vaccinations is your dad due? These are the ones he should have had and the ones he needs to keep current. 
COVID-19 Shots

Elderly Care Metrowest, FL: Seniors and Vaccinations

Not every person will qualify for the COVID-19 shot yet, but it’s coming up in 2021. Medical workers and elderly people who live in assisted living are first. After that, other people will follow with younger, healthier adults being last in line. 
It is a new vaccination, which makes people hesitant to get it. The side effects have been minimal for most. Some people haven’t had any side effects at all. It’s also showing to be effective at preventing the disease. Your dad needs to talk to his doctor about it. While he may be fearful, he’s also in an age group at greater risk of serious complications if he gets the virus. 
Flu Shots 
Yearly flu shots are recommended to most seniors. Only those with severe allergic reactions should skip this one. If he won’t get his flu shot at the doctor’s office, he could go to a local pharmacy, including his grocery store pharmacy, and have it done there. 
Vaccinations that help lower the risk of pneumonia are important at or after the age of 65. It’s a two-dose vaccination that protects against one specific bacterium known as streptococcus pneumoniae for the rest of your life. That bacteria is also tied to infections in the bloodstream and meningitis, which makes this an important vaccination to get. 
If your dad had chickenpox, he needs to get the shingles vaccine after his 50th or 60th birthday. Shingles is a recurrence of the herpes zoster virus that causes a rash but nerve pain is the more troubling symptom. The preferred vaccine is two doses of Shingrix after the age of 50. 
The Tdap vaccine protects against multiple diseases. Tetanus is the one you probably know the best. It can lead to lockjaw. Diphtheria is a rare infection caused by specific bacteria that causes breathing difficulties and heart failure. 
Pertussis or whooping cough isn’t as common thanks to the vaccine. It’s a contagious respiratory infection that causes congestion, sneezing, a runny nose, and a harsh cough that sounds like a loud “whoop.” This vaccination needs a booster every 10 years. 
Do you have a hard time keeping track of your parents’ health visits? Consider hiring elderly care aides to help schedule their appointments, keep track of prescription medications, and get them to appointments on time. 
Elderly care services can help with scheduling, transportation, and medication reminders and refills. Call a representative to make arrangements.


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