Reduce and Declutter to Enjoy a Less-Stressful Weekly Routine

Have you ever stopped to look at what you do every week? You’re busy balancing work and your family and that’s impacting your personal life. You find yourself going to bed later and getting up earlier to try to get extra hours. It’s stressful and you don’t know what to do next. 
One of the best places to start is in the home itself. If your parents’ house is cluttered and has lots of unneeded items, reducing and decluttering is important. With a cleaning, uncluttered home, cleaning goes faster. Plus, a clean room won’t leave you frustrated. It’s time to look at how to declutter to reduce stress. 
Separate the Necessary From the Unnecessary

Senior Care Ocoee, FL: Less-Stressful Weekly Routine

Start in one of the rooms where you spend the most time. The kitchen, living room/family room, and bedrooms are three to focus on. Go through all of the items and decide what is used frequently and what is rarely used. 
Items that are rarely used shouldn’t remain in the home unless there’s a good reason. If your mom received a quilt from her mom that she never touches, the sentimental value makes it hard to get rid of. See if there is a way to use it in another bedroom. If that quilt is something she bought at a store, it’s worth donating it to someone who will use it. 
Design For Easy Mobility 
Go through each room and design the layout for easy mobility. A large coffee table in the middle of a room could cause your dad to stub his toe when he’s rushing to answer the door or get to the bathroom. Leave wide paths for walking from one room to the next. 
In the kitchen, you don’t want your mom and dad climbing onto chairs or counters to get items for meals. Things should be placed within easy reach. If items are too high, they need to use a step ladder that has handrails or get someone else to reach something for them. 
Use rotating shelving in cabinets to eliminate needing to reach to the back of a cupboard to get something. Slide-out baskets also help prevent your parents from having to stretch. 
Make the Most of Baskets and Storage Containers 
Baskets help prevent clutter with small, easily misplaced items. Instead of putting socks and underwear in a mess in a drawer, your parents could roll them up and keep them in storage containers. When an item is needed, remove the container, get what you need, and put it back. 
Work with your mom and dad to get rid of items they never use. Have a space for the items they do use. Make sure everything has its place. Once you have items stored, keep up with cleaning routines to ensure the clutter doesn’t build back up. 
Weekly visits from a senior care aide help your parents with housekeeping tasks. Let caregivers vacuum, dust, and tidy up. When you visit, you’ll have free time to spend on enjoyable activities, which means less stress. Work with the caregivers to ensure your parents have the help they need to stay independent. Call a senior care specialist to get answers to your questions.


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