How Does Strength Training Benefit Your Aging Parents?

The keys to avoiding a fall include maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening muscles, and making healthy food choices. Many older adults do well getting enough exercise through daily walks, but strength training is overlooked.

What do your parents know about strength training? Here’s a quick guide to the benefits and ways to embrace a strength training program.

Muscle Mass Decreases With Age

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As you age, muscle mass starts to decrease. By the age of 60, your muscle mass has reduced by around 15 percent. It’s as high as 30 percent by the time you’re 80.

To counteract this, strength training exercises help increase muscle mass. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, and it’s recommended that strength training should occur at least three days per week.

Working with a physical trainer is one way for your parents to build muscle mass. They may also find beneficial programs through beginner home videos. HIIT workouts are one way to do this. They can also rely on exercises like squats, wall push-ups, and wall slides.

What is a wall slide? Your parent stands about a foot from a wall and leans back into the wall. At that point, your mom or dad lowers into a squat while keeping the head and shoulders against the wall, creating the sliding motion. Hold the squat for a count of five and slide back up.

The Fall Risk in the Elderly

Every minute across the U.S., an average of 60 older adults fall. Not every fall leads to injuries, but some of these falls result in severe or fatal injuries. Approximately three million of these falls require emergency medical treatment, and around 20% of them result in head injuries or bone fractures.

Families can help their parents lower their fall risk by keeping their muscles toned and by working on fitness programs that help them retain their balance.

Check prescription medications for side effects like dizziness. If your mom or dad is taking a drug that causes dizziness, it’s time to address safer ways to take their medications. For example, it’s often better to take the medications before sitting down for an hour or two or at bedtime.

It’s Time to Talk About Home Care

How much exercise do your parents get? Strength training is one of the best ways to help lower your parents’ risk of a fall. Talk to their doctors about their fall risk and areas of their life where they need to make improvements.

Caregivers are also helpful at lowering the fall risk. They’re available to help your parents with ambulation, bathing, and medications. Your parents aren’t alone when they’re feeling lightheaded. They can hold their caregiver’s arm for support.

Once you know, you’ll have a good idea of the ways home care services help out. Caregivers can assist your parents by cheering them on, schedule fitness classes for them, and making sure they’re exercising often enough and in a safe manner. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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