Home Care Assistance Promotes Healthy Aging and Independence

Your dad’s goal has always been to live out the rest of his life in the family home. Over the years, you’ve taken measures to make it possible. He has safety features like non-slip flooring and grab bars in the bathroom. His bedroom, main bathroom, kitchen, and living room are on the same level for one-level living.

Have you thought about the other things he needs to age at home? Home care assistance offers exactly what’s needed. Schedule the home care services your dad needs to age at home without struggling. He maintains his independence, all while having a helping hand when it’s needed.

What Home Care Covers

Home Care Services Winter Garden, FL: Healthy Aging and Independence

Home Care Services Winter Garden, FL: Healthy Aging and Independence

Home care covers a lot of different services. They’re divided between personal care and companion care. A variety of services are often best at building a comprehensive plan at helping older adults stay independent.

Personal care services provide assistance with hygiene, grooming, toileting, and dressing. If your dad is unsteady on his feet while stepping in and out of the bathtub unit, he could hire a caregiver to help him. His caregiver can help him dry off, apply moisturizer, trim his nails, and shave.

With personal care services, your dad also has someone to help him shave. If he needs help applying deodorant, that’s possible. Once he’s dried and ready to get dressed, his caregiver helps him pick out appropriate attire for the weather and assists with buttons, snaps, and zippers.

Companion care covers other aspects of daily living like meals, socialization, and housekeeping. If your dad needs someone to help him plan a weekly menu, shop for groceries, and cook meals, his caregiver is there to help out. He can have his companion drive him to his dental and medical appointments, help him run errands, or take him to the park for a walk in nature.

At home, his caregiver can clean the house, do the laundry, and make beds. If your dad needs his sheets and towels changed, his caregiver can do that, too. Once the laundry is done and beds are made with fresh sheets, the caregiver can put everything away and run a vacuum, wash dishes, and tidy up.

The other benefit of companion care services is that your dad has a friend. He can play games with his caregiver, go for walks, and engage in favorite hobbies.

Involve Your Dad in Decision-Making

Support your dad as he sticks to his goal of aging at home. With home care assistance services, he’ll have caregivers available to help with housework, do the laundry, and cook meals. If it’s essential to his ability to live independently, it’s important to arrange those services.

Talk to a home care assistance specialist about senior care services. Involve your dad in the decision-making process. If he feels that his opinions matter, he’s more likely to embrace the services he needs most. Call a home care assistance specialist to find out more about the services available for your dad.

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