Five Ideas for Incorporating Oatmeal into Your Senior’s Diet

For January’s Oatmeal Month your senior might be tempted to start considering oatmeal more often. But if she’s bored with a bowl, some of these ideas might be more appealing. 

Make Muffins

Elder Care Horizon West, FL: Oatmeal into Your Senior’s Diet

Muffins are tried and true, especially when you’re looking to incorporate oatmeal. You can go with a recipe from scratch or add a handful of oats to a box mix from the store. It’s a fast way to add a big nutritional bump to something that might not have as much whole grain or fiber as you’d like for your senior. 

Add Oatmeal to Smoothies 

When you add a few tablespoons of oatmeal to a smoothie before blending, you add protein and whole grains to the whole meal. Oatmeal also serves as a thickener for the smoothie. This is a great idea if your senior wants the benefits of oatmeal, but she doesn’t like the taste or the texture all that much.  

Try Overnight Oats 

Overnight oats are a way to make oatmeal without having to babysit a pot on the stove. The idea is to put a serving of oats with water, milk, or nut milk in a container and then let that sit in the fridge overnight. When your senior wakes up or is ready for oats, she just has to heat the container in the microwave and add her favorite toppings. This is a great idea if your elderly family member finds oatmeal chewy when cooked normally. 

Give Baked Oatmeal a Try 

Another alternative to traditional cooking is to bake oatmeal. There are a variety of different recipes out there, some include adding dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, too. Once the oatmeal is baked, you can cut it into bars and wrap them individually. This makes a great snack or a grab and go breakfast if your senior prefers. 

Go with Cookies 

Oatmeal cookies are an old standby, of course, but modern recipes include lots of things that the original might not have. Adding grains like cooked quinoa bumps up the protein and allows your senior to use these cookies as a nutritional boost. These are also easy to eat on the go or just as a snack whenever your senior wants something nutritious to nosh. 

As simple as some of these ideas are, it can be tough for your elderly family member to consistently commit to cooking. That’s where elder care providers come in. They can give your senior a hand with whatever has become a little more difficult and she can sit back and enjoy.

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