Do you want to help your elderly loved one to keep their vision health intact? If so, it is important  to encourage them to do various eye exercises. Research shows that these exercises can help to prevent eye deterioration as people age. You and your loved one’s elderly care providers should make a plan for your loved one to do these eye exercises regularly.  


Elderly Care Orlando, FL: Eye Exercises

Your elderly loved one should try tracing outlines around objects with their eyes. They should do this at varying speeds. Every day, you should encourage your loved one to do this exercise for 3 to 7 minutes. It can improve the flexibility of their eyes and strengthen the eye muscles, too.  


Yes, blinking is an eye exercise. There are many blinking exercises that your elderly loved one can do. Each one of them can help to lubricate, strengthen, and relax your loved one’s eyes. They should close their eyes for about 15 seconds while relaxing. Then, your loved one should blink 15 to 20 times. They should blink lightly, but quickly. If they feel like the muscles around their eyes or their eyelids are straining, they should blink slower.  

Near and Far Focusing  

Your elderly loved one can practice near and far focusing, as well. This can help to improve the ability of your loved one’s eyes to shift focus from one object to another at varying distances. They should start by putting their focus on something near them. Then, after focusing on that object for about 30 seconds, they can switch their focus to an object at a farther distance. When completing this, they can focus on an object even further away. Then, they will go back to an object closer to them and repeat 2 to 3 times.  


Another eye exercise is called zooming. Your elderly loved one should do this exercise slowly. They start by stretching their arm out in front of their body. The hand should be in a thumbs up. You or an elderly care provider should have your loved one focus on their thumb. Have them follow the thumb with their eyes as they bring their thumb slowly to their face. When their thumb is approximately 3 inches from their face, they should stop. Then, keeping the focus on their thumb, they should slowly start moving their arm back to the starting position.  


These are some of the eye exercises that are great for your elderly loved one. If you want to help your elderly loved one keep their vision health intact, you should encourage them to do these exercises regularly. If your elderly loved one needs reminded to do them and you can’t do that, you can hire elderly care providers to do so.  


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