Expert Tips For Taking Care Of A Senior Parent After A Stroke

If your senior loved one has recently had a stroke and you’re worried about taking care of them after they are released from the hospital or rehab you should know that worrying is totally normal. Your senior parent may need more help than they have needed before and you may be unsure of what it will be like to take care of them as they recover. Every senior experiences a stroke differently, so every senior’s recovery is unique to them. But there are some things that all seniors will need as they recover, especially if they are recovering at home. According to experts family caregivers who want to provide the best care to a senior loved one that has had a stroke should:

Get Senior Home Care

Senior Care Winter Garden, FL: Care After Stroke

Senior Care Winter Garden, FL: Care After Stroke

Your senior loved one should not be alone for long periods of time after they come home. After a stroke seniors have a higher chance of having a stroke. If your senior love done has another stroke getting help as fast as possible is essential. If you have senior home care for your parent then when you can’t be there senior home care can be there to keep an eye on your loved one. That way you can go to work or take care of other responsibilities while still making sure that your senior loved one isn’t left alone. 

Ease Into Lifestyle Changes

After a stroke your senior parent is probably going to need to make some big changes in their lifestyle. Usually that includes starting to exercise regularly, eating a healthy diet, and making sure they are getting enough sleep. But those kinds of lifestyle changes can be tough for seniors to adjust to, especially if you hit them with a lot of changes all at once. Instead of trying to make many big sweeping changes in your senior parent’s life start with one or two small changes and work up to more. Diet and exercise are probably the most important so start by making sure your senior loved one is eating healthy and getting some kind of exercise each day. 

Be Patient

Your senior loved one may be frustrated, angry, or upset a lot of the time. They are dealing with a lot. In addition to not feeling well the stroke may have left them with physical challenges like not being able to move around the way they used to, not being able to talk the way they used to, or having lost the use of a limb. It can be difficult for seniors to adjust to these kinds of changes. So make sure that you don’t take anything personally. Your parent is not attacking you, they are just upset in general and with good reason usually. 

Stay Committed To Recovery

You need to stay strong when it comes to getting your senior parent to do their rehab exercises. Your senior parent may try to get out of doing their exercises because they don’t want to do them. But they need to do them so that they can recover as much function, muscle, and movement as possible.

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