Being a carer to an aging parent has a lot of “pros.” It saves money, which especially helpful on a tight budget. It’s a way to become closer. It’s a way to repair your parents for the years of care they invested in you. 

While there may be a lot of pros, there are cons that you cannot ignore. Caring for your dad is a kind, loving act, but it’s also one that you have to weigh to make sure you don’t put your own well-being at risk. 


Do You Have Enough Money Saved Up?

Caregiver Metrowest, FL: Caring for Your Dad

No one knows what will happen to Social Security payments 20 or 30 years from now. If you’re no longer working because your dad needs that much help, where is your retirement fund coming from? Are you counting on inheriting your dad’s money? Are you sure he’ll have any left?  

You shouldn’t quit a job or reduce your hours if you don’t have any savings built up. Even if your dad has amassed a lot of savings, illness could deplete his savings. It can be unplanned.  

If your dad developed Alzheimer’s disease and reached a point where he needed around-the-clock care, Genworth estimates that nursing home care can be over $100,000 per year. You cannot be certain that Medicare will cover that care. Many families end up having to pay for home health aides or nursing home care on their own. 


Your Social Life is Impacted 

Your dad can’t be left alone at night. He has too many medications to take and needs his meals. Your friends all work, so they can only get together after work. You haven’t been able to see them in months, so they stop inviting you. That’s not healthy. 

You need time to socialize. You might need to find new friends who understand your situation as a family carer. To do that, you need time to join support groups and meet up with others as often as possible. 


It’s Easy to Become Reliant on Bad Habits 

It’s been a busy day. You changed the sheets and towels and did laundry. You had to clean up all of the dishes after making meals. Your dad got upset, so it took an hour to calm him down. That put you behind. 

Because you were so busy, you stop and get fast food on your way home. You know it’s not healthy, but it’s fast and cheap. It does become easy to rely on fast food and take out. It’s easy to skip your daily exercise routine in order to have an extra 30 minutes for cleaning. You can’t let the care you offer impact your own health. 

Caregivers provide the best way to balance your needs with your dad’s. Instead of devoting all of your time helping your dad, you could have caregivers step in while you take care of your own tasks like social outings, housekeeping, and errands. Call a home care agency to learn more about having caregivers help your dad. 


If you or an aging loved-one is considering a Caregiver in Metrowest, FL please contact the caring staff at Winter Garden Senior Home are today. (407) 347-2050 



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