Are you worried that your elderly loved one might get dementia? Maybe they already have it. If you are like many other family members of an elderly loved one, you might be wondering more about what causes dementia. It is important to know that dementia is not a disease on its own. There are numerous things that can cause dementia.

Damage to the Brain Cells

Caregiver Windermere, FL: Dementia and Seniors

One of the things that cause dementia is damage to the brain cells. There are also various things that can cause this type of damage. For example, Alzheimer’s disease is associated with a rise in specific protein deposits throughout the brain. The protein deposits can cause deterioration in the brain. This is what causes certain severe effects of Alzheimer’s disease such as language problems, memory loss, and mood changes. However, it isn’t always as simple to understand as that. Researchers continue to try figuring out what is causing these protein build-ups. Hopefully, as this question begins to be answered, people will better be able to understand the various types of dementia.

Other Types of Dementia

It is also important to know that there are other types of dementia that could potentially occur in your elderly loved one, as well. For instance, there is something known as traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. This happens when there is repetitive head trauma. Over some time, this condition can lead to brain deterioration, even dementia. This can cause mood changes, confusion, and memory loss.

Vascular dementia is caused from blood reduction in the brain. This blood is necessary to keep the brain nourished. There are many things that can cause vascular dementia such as strokes and other traumatic events. With this being said, everyone who has a stroke will not get dementia.


As you can tell, there are various causes of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by genetics, poor physical self-care, stress, sleep deprivation, and other conditions, as well. In addition, trauma to the head can lead to dementia. There isn’t just one thing that causes dementia, but no matter the cause, brain degeneration is occurring.

Hopefully, this information gave you the information you need regarding the causes of dementia. If you suspect your elderly loved one is at risk for dementia, you or their caregivers can take them to their doctor for an appointment. Early diagnosis is the best thing you can do for your elderly loved one in this situation.


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