COPD and the Elderly: What Should You Know?

Unfortunately, there are millions of United States citizens that have COPD or chronic inflammatory lung disease. This condition can be very painful and even fatal. If your elderly loved one has COPD, it is very important that you or senior home care providers help them to best manage the condition.

Breathing Tips for People with COPD

One of the most important things, when someone has COPD, is to help them breathe easier. This condition can severely impact your elderly loved one’s ability to breathe. However, some breathing tips that you or a home care provider can help your elderly loved one with include:

Senior Home Care in Orlando, FL: Seniors and COPD

  • Breathing (in the nose for 2 breaths with mouth closed – do it for 2 breaths and then stop)
  • Deep breathing isn’t necessary, just have them take small and slow breaths
  • Pursing the lips and breathing out for a count of 4 breaths (do this throughout the day)

These tips have helped many others who have COPD. They could be beneficial to your elderly loved one, as well. These tips may help your elderly loved one to feel as if they are in control of their breathing which can help them to better cope with the COPD diagnosis, too.

Diaphragm Breathing Tips

Your elderly loved one’s doctor may recommend that they regularly breathe with their diaphragm, as well. Some of the tips that can help them to do this include:

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Relax their shoulders
  • Put a hand on the stomach and the other hand on their chest
  • Breath through the nose for a count of 2 breaths
  • Purse their lips, press gently on the stomach and exhale slowly for a count of 2 breaths

In order to achieve maximum results, your elderly loved one should do these steps until they have control over their breathing. If they need help walking through these steps, you or a senior home care provider can assist with the process.

Various Other Tips for Breathing Better

There are many other tips for helping someone with COPD to breathe better. Some of these tips include:

  • Sitting forward and using a table as support
  • Keeping the body as relaxed as possible (less tension helps with breathing)
  • Getting back support when standing
  • Sleeping in a position that makes breathing easier (wedge pillows may be a good option)

With these tips, hopefully, your elderly loved one can breathe better.


If at any point, your elderly loved one can’t get control of their breathing with these tips or with any medications they are taking, make sure you or a senior care provider have them seek medical attention.

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