Best Exercises for Seniors with Lower Back Pain

Strengthening abdominal muscles and your entire back can be crucial to aging healthy. Without a strong core, falling tends to happen more, and seniors may find their mobility limited. One of the best ways to diminish back pain is by moving and exercising. This will strengthen the core muscles, reduce back pain, and help a senior stay mobile for much longer.

A strong core means that a senior will have better posture, which will help with back pain and be more stabilized. The more stabilized and coordinated a senior is, the more independent they can be. Back pain can be hard to manage, but certain exercises can help reduce this pain and keep a senior going strong.

Exercise will play a significant role for every senior, and it should not be overlooked. Personal care at home assistants will help seniors stay motivated, teach them new exercises, and help them manage back pain. They are the best tools to help seniors live on their own at home.

Lower Back Exercises

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If your loved one has been struggling with lower back pain you may feel uncomfortable telling them to exercise more. The truth is exercise can help reduce the inflammation and pain caused by stress and other problems. A personal care at home assistant can help them practice these exercises.

Reverse Straight Leg Raise

The first thing a senior will need to do is lay on their back in a comfortable position. A personal care at home assistant will help them breathe through the change in positions. Slowly the senior will lift one leg and bend the knee. The knee should be closest to their chests. They will hold this position for a few minutes and then switch legs. This will work the hip flexors as well as abdominal muscles.

Back Extension

This is a great exercise that will make sitting with a good posture easier. It is a stretch also called the cobra in yoga which is good for reducing back pain while stretching out the muscles in the lower and mid-back. First thing a senior will have to do is lay face down on the floor in a comfortable area. Slowly the senior will raise their chest off the ground and stretch out their backs.

Pelvic Tilt

If a senior loves to go for walks this can be a really good stretch for after. What the senior will do is lay on the floor with their knees up but feet flat on the ground. Then they will tighten their abdominal muscles and press their backs into the floor. They can hold this for a few seconds and repeat. This will work best on a mat or even a bed.

Hip Flexion

This exercise will help with hip flexibility and lower back pain. It may make daily activities like laundry, sweeping, and folding clothes easier to do. First, a senior will start on hands and knees, so it is important to have them on a mat. Then they will slowly lower their hip to their feet, while their hands are still firmly on the mat or floor.

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