Best Cell Phone For Seniors

Having a cell phone can be one of the most important things on hand, especially if a senior loves to go for walks. Most times, an in-home care provider will have a way to contact the family in case of emergencies, but this does not mean the senior will use their phone for social calls. One of the best ways to stay in touch with a family is by helping your parent or senior pick a phone they can easily use.

Features that may help a senior use a cell phone easier are large buttons, larger screens, and fewer applications. Grabbing a simple phone that you or the in-home care provider can add phone numbers in to make calling easy may be all the senior needs.

There are now so many ways phones are directed for senior use, you are sure to find something for your parents or grandparent. Take a look at these phones and offer to help set the phone up for a senior. Most in-home care providers are exceptionally patient and kind; they may help set a new phone up for the senior as well.

4 of The Best Phones for Seniors

In-Home Care in Orlando, FL: Seniors and Cell Phones

Finding a good company that makes senior phones for seniors is no longer unheard of. The past generation is aging and more seniors want to stay in touch with their families. There are certain things that make using a phone hard to do and one of them can be all of the unnecessary apps and small screens.

Greatcall Jitterbug Flip

This phone has big buttons that are easy to press, making it a perfect choice for seniors. There are also features like medical alerts and apps that can help seniors stay connected to their doctors. This is a perfect phone that can be used for emergencies or casual calls with the family.

Consumer Cellular Grandpad

If all cell phones are too small, try something different. There is now the grandpad that can send easy messages, make phone calls, video calls, and share pictures. It is easy to use and large enough that most seniors will see the screen clearly. If a family member wants to video chat, they have to get the app and be accepted by the person who set up the seniors account.

Doro 750

Another phone from the makers of Jitterbug this easy to use flip phone is perfect for seniors. It is another phone that comes with big buttons, connects to the wifi, and helps keep the senior in contact with friends. One of the best features of this phone is that it has an urgent response button right on the keypad.

Motorola G7

If your senior is a little bit more up with the times and understands the basic technology this may be a great option. Instead of a flip-phone it is a one screen touch phone but the settings can be set to large for seniors who can’t see well. The best part about this phone is that there are pay as you go options for the senior. This means they can select a plan with just a few minutes to stay in contact with friends and family.

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