Beneficial Medical Devices for Senior Citizens

As an elderly family caregiver, there are certain things that you might need to do in order to help your loved one live the best life they can. In many instances, elderly people have health issues that require various types of treatment. When at home, there may be some medical devices that your elderly loved one needs. You and home care providers may need to help your elderly loved one use these devices.


Homecare Metrowest, FL: Medical Devices

One of the most basic, but essential, medical devices for senior citizens is a thermometer. When elderly people get an infection, it can be much more harmful to their body than when a younger adult gets an infection. This is one of the reasons why having a thermometer is so important. If your elderly loved one does have an infection, they will likely have a fever. Being able to see what your elderly loved one’s temperature is can help you to decide if they need medical care.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Another medical device that your elderly loved one should have is a blood pressure monitor. There are many elderly people who have chest pains, feel lightheaded when standing up, or get headaches often. All of these things could mean they have issues with their blood pressure. Being able to catch blood pressure issues earlier can prevent potentially fatal issues.

Pulse Oximeter

Your elderly loved one should also have a pulse oximeter. This is a medical device that is put onto a person’s finger. It measures their blood oxygen levels. Having this device can help to detect health issues such as cardiovascular problems and anemias. Your elderly loved one’s blood oxygen saturation levels should be between 95 and 100 percent. If they aren’t, you or a home care provider should schedule an appointment for your elderly loved one.


Your elderly loved one should have a glucometer, too. This is going to help catch prediabetes or to help them manage diabetes if they have it. By keeping track of their blood sugar levels, your elderly loved one can report back to their doctor to get a more accurate treatment plan.


These are some of the most beneficial medical devices for senior citizens. When caring for your elderly loved one, you should make sure they have these medical devices. If there are other medical devices that you think your elderly loved one should have, you should get those, as well. If your elderly loved one’s doctor prescribes or recommends other devices, be sure your elderly loved one has those in their home, too.

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