4 Ways Seniors Can Be Less Lonely

Loneliness is reaching an epidemic level among seniors. Seniors who are aging in place may have family and friends that they can rely on but those family members and friends may not be close enough to visit on a regular basis. And seniors who have a hard time getting to the store or out to senior centers and places where they could find other seniors run the risk of becoming very socially isolated. If you can’t see your senior parent as much as you’d like or if you are worried that your senior parent is becoming socially isolated there are some things that seniors can do to make sure they stay connected to the world like:

Companion Care At Home

Companion Care at Home Ocoee FL: Seniors and Loneliness

Companion Care at Home Ocoee FL: Seniors and Loneliness

Companion care at home means that your senior loved one will get the social connection they need without having to leave the house. Companion care at home is a fantastic way for seniors who can’t easily leave the house to get the social interaction they need to be healthy. A care giver can play games with your senior loved one, help them work on hobbies, learn new things, watch TV or movies, or just talk. They can also share meals, go for walks, and do all kinds of fun and engaging activities that will be great for your senior parent.

Being A Good Neighbor

If your senior loved one doesn’t like to go out much or can’t drive much they can get some social interaction in their neighborhood just by being a sociable neighbor. Put a couple of chairs out by the front door instead of in the backyard and your senior loved one can sit in the front yard and chat with people going by walking their dogs. Your senior loved one can also take a walk through the neighborhood in the evening to talk with neighbors that are outside.

Playing Video Games

Seniors are not usually the people that people think of when they think of gamers. But playing video games is actually a very social activity and people form strong and lasting friendships when they’re playing games. Seniors are the fastest growing demographic of video game players. MMORPG games, which are multiplayer games where players form groups and play together in real time, are extremely popular with seniors. And playing video games is actually a great way for seniors to retain cognitive skills, hand and eye coordination, and other important physical and mental attributes.

Joining Some Online Clubs

If your senior loved one doesn’t have any clubs near them or they can’t get out often to go to clubs like book clubs or discussion clubs or gaming clubs they can use video technology to attend virtual gatherings. Once you help your senior parent understand how to log into video meetings and chat those virtual events can be a great way for seniors to stay socially connected to the world. Just make sure they know how to mute their mic and turn on their cameras!

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