4 Things Seniors Need For Fall

The weather is starting to turn chilly and that means it’s time for seniors that are aging in place to start thinking about getting the things they will need for fall. Fall weather can be very unpredictable, so seniors who like to exercise outdoors or plan on taking some fun day trips in the fall should be prepared for different types of weather. Seniors who need to go shopping for fall essentials but could use some help with driving or shopping can rely on home care to help. Home care can also help seniors make sure their homes are ready for the changing weather. Some of the essentials that seniors will need this fall are:

Layering Shirts And Jackets

Home Care Windermere, FL: Seniors and Fall

Home Care Windermere, FL: Seniors and Fall

Wearing layers is essential in the fall when the weather can be cold in the morning and warm by the afternoon and then cool again in the evening. Seniors should have some light tee shirts and heavier shirts and jackets that they can wear as layering pieces. Popular “shackets” which are styled like oversized button down shirts but made from heavy materials to be warm like jackets are great for seniors because they are easy to get on and off and they layer well over other shirts. 

No-Slip Footwear

Seniors have a greater risk of falling in the autumn if they are walking outside. The wet weather combined with lots of leaves on the ground can create very slick pavements that can end up causing seniors to slip and fall. If your senior loved one spends a lot of time walking outdoors in the fall make sure they have some sturdy non-slip shoes or sneakers to wear so that they don’t fall. If your senior loved one has home care it’s a good idea for their companion to go on walks with them to help prevent falls. 

Rain Boots

Seniors who are living at home as they get older are always popping outside for something. Whether it’s to let the dog in, or get the mail, or get something from the garage seniors spend a lot of time walking around outside. And the fall rain can make the ground extremely muddy and wet for days after a soaking rain. Autumn storms can also cause there to be several inches of water on the ground and large puddles. Seniors should have easy to pull on rain boots that they can wear to keep their feet and legs dry when they are going outside. 

A Good Umbrella

There’s nothing quite like an autumn storm when you can sit by the fire with a cup of tea. However, when your senior loved one has to go out in bad weather for shopping or for an appointment those storms can be very intense. Make sure that your senior loved one has a high quality umbrella that won’t turn inside out or fail during a windy storm so that they can stay dry getting from the car to a store or an office when they need to go out in bad weather.

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